Niche Related Social Media Sites

There are many social media sites and depending on what your business is some are better than others to start setting up profiles and making friends on. No musician should be without a MySpace for example. You Tube is the top video sharing site. And for fast links to everyone, nothing beats Twitter!

You can have a presence on hundreds of sites if you have the time but few of us do have the time - or the money to pay someone else to create this for us.

Make sure then, that you have a presence at the top 10 social media sites to start with and then do your research for some niche social media sites which cater to your target audience.

Niche is often used as a interchangeable word with topic although it does have a specific meaning. A niche is a small area where something can survive. So it describes a subtopic of a subject as a specialization. For example golf putters is a niche of the golf market.

For social media sites, a site with a community of golfers is a niche related social media site compared to Twitter who do not specialize on any specific topic.

For example Gather is a site with a lot of book readers, so authors will want to have a profile there. If you are a chef, you might want to consider sharing recipes at Orkut. Business consultants will definitely want a Linked in page. Photographers wouldn't want to ignore Pikasa and  Flikr.

But even these are large topic sites. There are many small social media sites which specialize for people with specific needs and tapping into these communities can bring a lot of visitors if done well.

Click below for two different pages that list social media sites related to a niche or topic.

198 Niche Related Social Media Sites

350 Niche Related Social Media Sites

Watch these 2 slideshows. Social Media is trending up ...

... and "Whatever!" won't cut it!

You don't have to jump on the bandwagon but it's definitely time to get on the train - or you and your business won't be going anywhere.

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